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He who loves with the eyes only loves for a moment!

Who loves with the heart, loves a lifetime!

Hello art friends



When I was still in elementary school, we could choose an additional subject and then I decided to paint. The art teacher soon noticed my unique talent and wanted to promote and encourage me to show my talent to the world. He compared me to the great artists of the world like Pablo Picasso - Claude Monet - Vincent van Gogh and that I, like them, had my own special style and made me so unique to him. But that didn't impress me at all as a young girl, because I found my painting much too childish and so I decided to take a different path.


25 years later this Corona, Covid-19 comes into my life, and to bridge this time I started to paint. Little did I know that I would rediscover my talent for myself and that my passion for painting would take on a completely different meaning. As I am a very creative person, I came across the 3D spider web or knitting technique, which is very labor-intensive and I really enjoy it. At the moment I am one of the few people who are familiar with this technique and who have discovered it for me.


I really appreciate that I have found a lot of interesting people who love my way of painting. The work is intense and my hands are getting rougher, but the traces they leave are all the more beautiful :) Have fun enjoying my website Modern 3D Abstract Mixed Media Art. A new way that will touch your heart and turn you into one other world brings. Inspires you and shows you how easy life can be. Do not think but do what your heart tells you and your life will be full of color.



To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Full of expectation, I stand in front of the empty picture and wait like a little child to see what a masterpiece will be before I start playing the music of painting
Valerijana Kasniqi 2020

Art is an expression of the soul Art is an expression of your connection with you and the universe Valerijana Krasniqi 2020

2020 New Artist 3D Spider-Web - Technology

a new way of writing history.



Autumn catalog 2020

A new art is born


As you can see from my pictures, I am very diverse. I love to work with the emotions of life and thus breathe life into the pictures. Every image is guided by feelings that happen in the subconscious, and that arise quietly and quietly in the moment. Full of expectation, I stand in front of the empty picture and wait like a little child to see what a masterpiece will be before I start to play the music of painting
Valerijana Kasniqi 2020

If the music of love is food, it keeps playing!

What defines the great painter is the character he gives to everything he touches, the spiritual spark, the movement, the passion, because there is also a clarity in passion.

(Paul Cézanne, 1839-1906, French painter)

Title: Moon meets sun
3D spider-web technology

Art of the future, if you take a little time for yourself and don't think about anything, but simply follow your heart and put your head down, something new will emerge, something wonderful that will even enchant you, because your creative streak does not ask, but does, because she does not expect anything, but simply lives in the moment and you leave the lead to her to create what she is hidden. Valerijana Krasniqi 2020


It is never just an empty delusion. Who enlivens the beautiful in art, because art is a heavenly path, upon which the artist strives victoriously forwards.

Art is worship, is divinely shaped, and that your work never prevents, Who works and rules in you living a God lives in every artist's soul. Carl Preser (1928-1910)

Pink Moon 2021.jpg

A new art that makes your heart beat faster 💖